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            Landscapes WA is a leading, professional landscaping company based in Perth
            which provides landscape design, construction and maintenance services.

            Dream of a beautiful garden around your Perth property? Want your outdoor space to compliment the architectural integrity of your property? You need professional garden landscapers to transform your home into an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Landscapes WA offers a personalized approach when it comes to landscape design and maintenance to build unique gardens that reflect your personal style.

            Matt & Kim To The Rescue
            Helping Matt and Kim deliver life changing renovations to families in desperate need.

            Residential & Commercial Landscaping

            Landscape WA provides a broad range of services for its residential as well as commercial customers.

            We do residential gardens for homeowners and builders display centres for some of Perth’s largest builders. Our commercial services includes services for business owners, large corporate property owners and local councils.

            Landscapes WA specializes in gardens, lawns and lawn care, decking and alfresco areas, water features, reticulation, maintenance programs, garden art and pots, paving, mature tree relocation, fencing, retaining walls – you name it – if it’s in your garden we can do it!

            Since we are professional garden landscapers, we have the finest team to help bring your dreams and visualisations to life, enabling you and your family to do nothing but sit back and enjoy your new garden and/or entertaining area. Our team of landscapers can also maintain your investment by maximizing the presentation of your landscape assets.

            Landscapes WA specialises in construction and maintenance of hard and soft landscapes. Our team serve the whole of Western Australia and our aim is to complete your project on time and within your budget. Whether it’s for short term project establishment or long term maintenance, Landscapes WA provides a reliable, quality service by designing maintenance programs specific to the requirements of your project. Read more about us

            For the past 6 years, Landscapes WA has provided Dale Alcock Homes with the highest level of service in landscape design and installation. From the very beginning of a project through all phases of design, planning, construction and maintenance; Landscapes WA has ensured the design vision is achieved and sustained. With an old fashioned attitude to customer service and quality of product, it has created a professional working relationship between Dale Alcock Homes and the Landscapes WA team. Damian Hewett Construction Manager – Dale Alcock Homes

            For more information, contact us today.

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